With only days until the release of “Anchorman 2” we prepare for the highly anticipated sequel by sharing some cocktail recipes that Ron Burgundy and the rest of the gang would drink. Now you can get sloshed like you were a real member of the Channel 4 News Team. Today’s outta sight libation is called “Pleasure Town,” which is sure to have you riding over rainbows and seeing dancing pandas.


– 1 Part Coffee Liquor
– 1 Part Irish Cream
– 1 Part Vodka
– 1 Part Banana Liquor
– 1 Part Chocolate Liquor
– Top With Half-And-Half


Milk won’t be a bad choice in this scrumptious cocktail. Grab yourself an Old Fashioned glass and drop some ice in there. Then add your coffee liquor, Irish cream, vodka, banana liquor and chocolate liquor and don’t be stingy with the pour. Top off with a large splash of half-and-half and stir. There you have it, you’ll be doing the no-pants dance in no time. Check out Pregame Magazine for more cocktail recipes, liquor reviews and booze news.