The Northwest is going through a bit of a cold snap these days (my car’s thermostat read 12 degrees when driving home Saturday night — TWELVE), and while most of us temperate climate folk are just experiencing brutally chilly and dry air, the Willamette Valley got a rare dusting of the white stuff. Now, as we all know, most snow encounters around these parts involve cars being driven by people who thought all of this was a good idea. Down in Eugene? They just stand around and pelt cars with snowballs. Hilarious, right?

The snowball fight started as an innocent early afternoon affair, organized by the football team, which, of course, did not have a Pac-12 Championship Game to prepare for this weekend, because playing in it and winning it would have sent them to the stupid Rose Bowl (because, “like, whatever). I hope you’re sitting down: by late afternoon, it turned into a sloppy (and likely alcohol-fueled) mess. The mob started targeting passing vehicles, while one professor made the grave mistake of confronting his attackers, and was promptly doused with a bucket of snow.

You stay classy, Ducks.