A girl’s softball game (repeat: GIRL’S SOFTBALL) between Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold in October ended abruptly after the Cruisers’ coach, pitcher and catcher conspired to deliver a cheap shot to the umpire — a retaliation move in response to a perceived blown call that walked in a run and reloaded the bases. After the Ball 4 call, Cruisers players and their coach convene on the mound, before resuming play. On the very next pitch, the Cruisers’ catcher immediately bails out of position, leaving the umpire vulnerable to the intentionally high pitch.

SoftballThe umpire immediately removes his face mask and walks off the field, leaving everyone else stunned — except the catcher, who casually tosses the ball back to the pitcher as if nothing happened. An umpire in the field can clearly be seen waving his arms, indicating the game is over. According to a message board discussion about the incident, it occurred at a showcase in West Covina on October 5th, and the pitcher involved has made a verbal commitment to play softball at the University of Utah.


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