The Good:

  • Kevin Love is a better passer than any one of the three quarterbacks the Minnesota Vikings currently have on their roster. (I mean, when Buzzfeed runs an article on those, you’ve made it.)
  • Kevin Martin must like the weather in Minny.
    • Kevin Love is looking like his old self again. He’s in the top five in the NBA for both points per game and steals.
    • Rubio is near the top of the league in assists and leads the league in steals
    • This team is still a lot of fun.

The Bad:

  • Not much going on off the bench. Punch Drunk Wolves points out that the Wolves have used their starting five for 365 minutes this season. The next most-used lineup has been in for 34 minutes.
  • Shabazz Muhammad has made one basket this year. He’s only played for four minutes, but still…ummmm…yikes! (Well, at least he’s not Anthony Bennett.)
  • Opposing defenses are having their way with this team. Canis Hoopus breaks down the Wolves’ problems.

What To Watch Out For:

  • December is a cruel beast for the Wolves. It doesn’t start off easy with matchups against Dallas, OKC, San Antonio and Miami. The San Antonio game is in Mexico City. (By the way, can everyone please stop talking about playoff standings already? It’s barely the end of November. In three months, the picture will look different. Winning streaks will happen, injuries will occur, and the next iteration of Linsanity will captivate us all. The point is: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.)
  • Hopefully, the addition of Luc Mbah a Moute will improve this defense.
  • The team still does not know when Chase Budinger will return. He’s traveling with the team, so hopefully it’s sooner than later.
  • If this team is on the edge of a playoff spot come February, let’s hope they make a trade for a veteran bench scorer.
  • Remember, fans. This team is still a lot of fun.