Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has found himself in the midst of a media craze after allegations of drug use, gang relations, prostitution, and pretty much anything else they want to conjure up. And this whole thing is quickly becoming a bit of a joke, as evidenced by Ford wearing a CFL Toronto Argonauts jersey saying “MAYOR FORD” on the back to city hall to face the media as reported by USA Today.


After denying the aforementioned allegations, Ford squeezed in a dig on Toronto’s upcoming opponent:

The next thing, I want to call Mayor Brittania (sic) in Hamilton and tell him that we’re going to have to spank their little Tiger-Cats

The Argonauts play in a big game on Sunday, and he clearly has decided to show his support. And Ford clearly has decided not to help his own cause. Or has he?

Perhaps Ford is playing the game here. There’s no political future in sight for him anymore, but he could get his fifteen minutes. T-shirts, reality shows, Hollywood, who knows? Maybe Ford will come out cashing in here by making a joke of himself and getting people’s attention by wearing football jerseys to work.

Think on it.