Next Impulse is proud to present a new series titled Fridge Findings, where we pull together whatever we got in the refrigerator and make a meal out of it. Could be leftovers, scraps, stuff in a jar you haven’t touched in months, but the idea is to get creative with what you got so as to have some fun, eat well, and best of all save money.

Before we get started there are a couple important things to remember:

1. The Italian in me demands that you make it nice. If it’s not nice, it’s not right.

2. Don’t be afraid to get weird with it, you’d be surprised as to what actually works.

Ok, here we go. For the first installment I have some leftover slow cooker pork that mom made.


Believe me, this sh*t is bangin’. I honestly feel bad that I’m even going to do something to this meat, it’s that good. Easily tears apart and the fat just puts you in a place close to Heaven. But the beauty is, the pork is easily substitutable with any other meat. If you have half a rotisserie chicken (God’s gift to man), that’ll do just fine.

Donna also whipped up some kind of candied apples for the original meal so we’re going to throw those into the mix as well.


Boom, let’s do this thing.