The Brooklyn Nets have one of the more puzzling mascots in sports. His (Its?) name is BrooklynKnight, because why put a space in between? Also, because Brooklyn, aka Hipster Central, evokes images of medieval times? Anyway, on Tuesday night, BrooklynKnight participated in a trampoline dunk showcase with five cheerleaders. The cheerleaders landed all of their dunks — what BrooklynKnight did defies all laws of dunking.

He bounced off the trampoline and promptly lodged the ball in the basket support. Making matters worse (or funnier, really), the mishap occurred moments before the second quarter began, so the ball remained lodged in the support until the first officials’ timeout at the 8:59 mark. Suffice to say, BrooklynKnight is a massive fail, all around.