Lamar Odom’s father Joe has gone on the offensive about his son’s recent turmoil. The 59-year-old Odom gave an interview with Radar Online where he claims the Kardashian family are a “curse.”

In the no-holds barred interview the senior Odom advises Lamar that he should divorce Khloe and he would “be better off without them.” Joe calls Kris Jenner an “evil b*tch” who only cares about image and money. He continues to verbally assault mama Kardashian, “I blame Kris in particular, she’s been through a lot of stuff herself. She’s no Cinderella. I can’t really say if the Kardashians are doing drugs, but my son would never use hard drugs. I can’t pinpoint right now who’s giving it him, but I’m going to investigate. The Kardashians haven’t been a good influence on my son.” Pretty harsh accusations considering that Joe is himself a former heroin addict and abandoned his family including Lamar when he was a boy.

Joe added, “They haven’t been a good influence on my son. It’s been the curse of his life. He hasn’t really accomplished anything since he’s been with them. Without them, he’d still be in the NBA playing basketball. He’d be playing for the Lakers and be one of the top players in the league.” A little bit of fatherly pride taking over there because even in his prime Lamar Odom never has been one of the top players in the league.

If only Keeping Up With Kardashians was one-eighth as entertaining as the Kardashian divorces to NBA players.