Philadelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason displayed his new mask and it’s, umm, interesting? There are beautiful images of some of the finest Americans in history such as Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, and George Washington on his mask. Oh and by the way all of the American heroes are depicted as dead flesh-craving zombies. Well nothing quite says “Get ready for hockey” quite like a zombie Ben Franklin. Hopefully for Mason’s sake none of his historical zombie figures eats his brains when he’s between the pipes.

steve_mason_zombie_goalie_maskPhiladelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason unveiled his new mask today, and it features zombified versions of Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, and George Washington. That's zombie Ben Franklin in the photo above, holding his famous key and lurching forward until he's close enough to crack open your skull and feast on your brains.  And here's zombie Betsy Ross, sewing a tattered American flag while unleashing a guttural moan that will strike fear into the hearts of the living: