Bill Simmons has not learned from his past mistakes, or he just doesn’t care which seems the more likely answer in his latest Twitter rant against ESPN. If you remember, ESPN suspended Simmons earlier this year in March from Twitter for a few days after he publicly called out a segment on ‘First Take’ featuring Skip Bayless and Richard Sherman. Well, it looks like another suspension may be looming as Simmons sent two Tweets late on Thursday night which slammed SportsCenter for editing a joke he had made, as well as voicing his displeasure for the ‘rigidity of studio TV.’  You can see both Tweets below.

bill 2


Bill was specifically referring to a joke he made about Dwyane Wade going to Germany, which was referencing an old Grantland article about Kobe going to Germany for a new body therapy called Regenokine. Bill joked that Wade probably went to Germany after Game 3, hence why he played so well in Game 4.  We aren’t sure how badly SportsCenter did or did not edit the joke.

Although that is the joke that Simmons is referring to, that wasn’t even his worst joke of the night.

The joke by Bill which no one is actually talking about was one which took a shot at Magic Johnson’s groin, and we are confused how that has flown under the radar. You can watch the joke and read the transcript below:

Bill Simmons: Magic, you have some experience playing hurt in the Finals, what happened in 1988?

Magic: Against Detroit, you know, I had pulled – I had a pulled groin. And so I asked the doctors to shoot me up, in that groin. I got a shot before the game and at half time.

Jalen Rose: Every game?

Magic: Every game, so that I could play. And so it turned out great because I wanted to win. You know you get here – Look, if Tony Parker can go, he will be going.

Bill Simmons: It didn’t turn out great for your groin. Can you get a shot for that? (?)

Jalen Rose: You could get fired, Bill.

Bill Simmons: I’m not gonna get fired. You know the shame of this is that – We should be talking about the Spurs.

You can get a refresher on the ESPN social media guidelines for talent and reporters HERE and come to your own conclusion as to if Bill will be sitting a few more days out on Twitter.

[Jimmy Traina]