College football spring games are semi-serious affairs that often devolve into spirited gimmicks to keep fans interested. For example, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made a cameo in California’s scrimmage, running his lone touch in for a score. Nebraska’s spring game featured a tear-jerker moment, when 7-year-old Jack Hoffman, a cancer survivor, took a hand-off from quarterback Taylor Martinez to the house.

This weekend saw the final round of spring games, and Notre Dame’s did not disappoint in the hijinx department. Midway through the fourth quarter of the Blue and Gold game, nose tackle Louis “Irish Chocolate” Nix III (who clocks in at a cool 340 pounds) lined up in the shotgun formation for a two-point conversion. After momentarily threatening to pass, he thought better of it, and rumbled towards the goal line for the score.