This one is just baffling to me.  The Rays got hosed by umpire Marty Foster in the top of the ninth on one of the worst called third strikes I have ever seen, and probably will see.  The Rays were only down a run (5-4) in the top of the ninth and Ben Zobrist was facing a full count with Joe Nathan on the mound.  Nathan threw what looked to be a slider which ended up low and outside. Somehow it was called strike three and the game was over.   The Rangers got off the field as quickly as possible, and with good reason.

A few great things happened in a matter of just seconds following the call which are worth noting:

1) Zobrist obviously thinks he has walked, and tosses the bat away to hustle down to first.

2) Six seconds into the video you can see Joe Nathan with a stunned look on his face saying “WOW”

3) Joe Maddon running full speed at Marty Foster saying “whoa, whoa, whoa” is always fun

4) Fireworks going off as mass chaos ensues in front of Marty

5) Fast forward to 33 seconds into the video during the replay.  Joe’s body language is priceless when he thinks he has walked Ben.

Even Marty Foster knew he had messed up and issued the following statement after the game:

“I saw the pitch and of course don’t have the chance to do it again. But had I had a chance to do it again, I wouldn’t call that pitch a strike.”

Joe Maddon had a quote of his own to drop following the game, but he chose Twitter as his medium.

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