By now you know that Dennis Rodman is spreading the gospel of basketball in North Korea, and rumors swirled that Rodman would get to meet the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, who is a basketball fanatic. Well, that definitely happened, as the two sat together at a basketball exhibition featuring Rodman’s touring buddies — the Harlem Globetrotters — and a group of North Korean players dubbed as their version of the “Dream Team”. The Associated Press reports that Rodman told Jong Un (a huge Rodman fan) in front of thousands of fans “you have a friend for life”.

Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong Un

It turns out, the perks of being a dictator’s “friend for life” are pretty sweet, as Rodman and the Vice crew went back to the Supreme Leader’s home, where they enjoyed a ten-course gourmet meal. Then, if Vice producer Jason Mojica is to be believed, everyone got wasted:

We’re hoping The Worm didn’t get too wasted, or he might forget which part of Korea he’s in again:

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