An NBA road trip is a Bat Signal of sorts for the jersey chasing crowd, and thanks to social media outlets like Twitter and Instagram, it’s that much easier these days to drop a line to your favorite player (you know, just to let them know you’ll be attending their game). As you can imagine, players aren’t interested in much small talk, either (hey, they have places to be, right?). Well, at least J.R. Smith isn’t interested in such exchanges, as you’ll see in this direct message “conversation” with a high school senior — repeat: high school senior — from Pennsylvania. Let’s just say J.R. does not beat around the bush.


Obviously, that was a month ago (during a stop in Philadelphia), but now that it’s gone viral, J.R. has responded. He’s like a Terminator. He’s become self-aware. And there’s nothing we can do to stop him.