The family Christmas photo is a long-standing tradition for many families throughout the world. As a kid, it sucks, because you have to get dressed up in Christmas-themed clothing and take picture after picture. “Act like you like your sister!” “Stop fidgeting!” “Don’t eat that! You’re going to make a mess!” “Your grandmother is going to see these!” And so on.

Today we discovered that one of our very own staff members was abnormally silent all day (on a football Sunday, no less) because he was off having the family Christmas pictures taken. The only worse fate I can imagine is having to visit a wedding planner while football games are on.

Naturally, we wanted to share the very pics he felt were more important than content with you but, as of the time of this writing, refuses to send them to us because he thinks we’ll make a joke out of them. Well, yes, of course we will.  You knew what this was when you signed up.

In any case, we all have Christmas pics on the brain now so here are a few of our faorites, stolen from strangers on the internet.


Also, we were kidding about our staffer not wanting to share his Christmas picture. His name is Pete and he’s the one holding the cat.