Full disclosure: I am a graduate of Washington State University. I attended school back in the good ol’ days (aka, when they were going to Rose and Holiday Bowls), and it was common for students at football games to spike their Cokes with smuggled in mini bottles. I know that doesn’t come as shocking news to anyone, especially anyone who has attended a college football game. The administration even posted sentries on the opposite side of Martin Stadium to scope out offending drunks, which led to many hilarious ejections of near blacked-out fans. It was mostly in celebration of winning ways, along with a little Eff U to the school’s Mormon president.

Fast forward to 2012, where the in-stadium drinking has taken a more somber, if not brazen, tone. After the painful Paul Wulff era, hopes were high that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach was the answer (for the record, I still believe he is — but that is a discussion for another day). People expected immediate turn-around for a program stuck in the basement of the Pac-12. Obviously, things aren’t going swimmingly so far. The team hit rock bottom during the first half of Saturday night’s game against UCLA, but one fan clearly saw the writing on the wall after UCLA’s first score, and thus boldly went where no Cougar fan had gone before — chugging a bottle of Fireball whiskey while the ESPN cameras rolled. By halftime, it’s safe to say a lot of other freezing Cougar faithful wished they’d had something equally strong in their hands. And not even the administration would have blamed them, either.