If you are one of Paulina Gretzky’s 41,000 followers on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that she’s been spending a peculiar amount of time with L.A. Kings center Jarret Stoll. She’s posted several photos of her and Stoll, most of which have since been deleted, probably because of people like me writing sh*t like this. Regardless, just because she’s deleted them, doesn’t mean they have disappeared from the Internet. Don’t you know how this stuff works, Paulina?

In her defense, not only is he smokin’ hot, but from what I know about him, he seems to be one of the good guys… like that time he dumped Rachel Hunter 7 weeks before their wedding. No, but seriously, if I were Wayne, I’d rather see my daughter cuddling up to Stoll in a hot tub than spending a weekend in Vegas with Biznasty. 

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