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Saints QB Drew Brees was among the family and friends who came together Sunday in Oceanside, Calif., to honor the late Junior Seau with a “paddle-out.” San Diego Chargers great, Junior Seau passed away Wednesday from a self-inflicted gunshot to the chest.   Seau was an avid surfer throughout his life and the Hawaiian tradition of a paddle-out is the ultimate sign of respect for a lost life.  Participants in the memorial service paddle out in the ocean with flower leis around their necks where they then get into a circular formation, hold hands, and silently pray.

“Junior always cared so much about his teammates,” Brees told the NFL Network. “He always wanted to know how you were doing, how [he] could help you. That’s what I’ll remember most about Junior — just the smile on his face, his attitude and his infectious personality. We were in the water where I know Junior loved to be. It was a beautiful day because Junior is present here with us.”


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