The only thing on the line for the teams when England take on Sweden in a soccer friendly later today will be bragging rights.  But for one English player there is the chance to have their name written in UK sports history books forever as the scorer of their national teams two-thousandth goal after nearly 150 years of competitive football.

Of course the wait could continue.  In fact it took until the English national teams second match ever for their first recorded goal.  After a 0-0 draw with Scotland in the first leg William Kenyon-Slaney put in goal number one during a 4-2 British win during the return leg on March 8, 1873.

The first 1,999 goals have come from such legendary stars as Bobby Charlton (tops all-time with 49 national team goals) or Gary Lineker (#2 with 48), and leading names of the current players like Michael Owen (#4 with 40) and Wayne Rooney (#9 with 28).  With English skipper Fabio Capello starting eight new players in the match there is a good chance the historic goal will come from a name you don’t know.

If nothing else this is a great chance for a side-wager while watching a relatively meaningless friendly so place your bets now.


Via DailyMail