Greenpeace Bashes Apple's New Datacenter

The hippies at Greenpeace released a new report called How dirty is your data, that graded the energy choices the power cloud computing of technologies used by Amazon, Akamai, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo. Companies were assessed across three “green” categories: transparency, mitigating strategy, and infrastructure siting. Greenpeace cracked the ruler by failing Apple in the “infrastructure siting” category over its new $1 billion data center in North Carolina which requires the energy equivalent of powering 80,000 homes. Greenpeace had this to say:

“Apple’s decision to locate its iDataCenter in North Carolina, which has an electrical grid among the dirtiest in the country (61% coal, 31% nuclear) indicates a lack of a corporate commitment to clean energy supply for its cloud operations. The fact that the alternative location for Apple’s iDataCenter was Virginia, where electricity also comes from very dirty sources, is an indication that, in addition to tax incentives, access to inexpensive energy, regardless of its source, is a key driver in Apple’s site selection”

Big deal. Now stop bothering me to sign up for your bullshit cause every time I walk out of The Camp.

[via: 9to5Mac]