Chaotic celebrations, which you can get a glimpse of below, happened after Real Madrid won the Copa del Rey. Unfortunately they fell a little flat when the prized trophy was dropped from the top of the ceremonial open-top bus. One of the players, Sergio Ramos, managed to lose his grip on the cup after holding it above his head. It ended up under the wheels of the double-decker bus (see video below) before being retrieved by police on the ground, who returned it to the bus driver.

Ramos recalls the incident:

“The cup fell, it fell,” Ramos said, according to Europa Press agency. “But the cup is OK.”

Later, the Spain defender made light of the miscue on Twitter:

“The whole thing about the cup was a misunderstanding, it didn’t fall … it jumped off when it reached Cibeles (the fountain in Madrid where the team celebrates its titles) and saw so many Madrid fans,” Ramos tweeted. “Hahahaha … but don’t worry … have a good day.”

via Traina