I am going to go out on a limb and say that most people (married and not married) between the ages of 21 and 35 would find this app useful in some capacity. The company “Daniel Cowen and 22 seeds” have come up with an app which will act as a pretty good remedy for those people who (on occasion) have had one too many adult beverages and enjoy the fine world of social networking. We have all been there: a stupid Facebook status update, commenting on a good looking girl (or guys) wall with an idiotic flirtatious comment, someone stealing your iPhone and updating your status saying that you had pooped your pants and are stuck in the Chipotle bathroom stall, or tweeting that you just took another shot of tequila and you have a crush on your boss and only have 4 toes on one foot. Have no fear because the app “Last Night Never Happened” is now available to delete everything that you stupidly did in the social media world the night before. The app aggregates all of the social media activity you had during your blacked out state and very simply can erase everything that occurred during that time.  So, for those of you who enjoy over induldging in booze and social media, we suggest you Download this bad boy.


Black Out

H/T Guyism