Cosby Sweaters’ All-Star Weekend continued last night with a little trip to Dwight Howard’s party on the Paramount Studios lot:

Get some

I met up with my pal Kyle and his brother, Kendrick, fresh from their evening at Staples Center watching the rookie game.  We stopped at a wine bar (at which we all had beer) and amazingly caught a cab and made our way to Paramount, stopping only briefly to grab a pack of gum and some 5-Hour Energy bottles.

We had VIP status, obviously, so we didn’t wait for shit.  We were immediately given our D12 wristbands and escorted into the venue.  It was poppin’, to say the least.  Lucky for us but unfortunate for them, the bars were wide open.  We immediately took full advantage:

The bounty

The picture is my own haul, since we split up and got three drinks each.  That picture was taken roughly twenty minutes in, after my second trip to the bar.

Needless to say, there were loads of celebrities there (aside from us).  Even Mark Cuban showed up and asked for a picture with a young Cosby Sweaters staffer (whose face has been covered to protect his anonymity):

Atta boy!

Not long afterthis things started to get a little hazy.  We networked, we mingled, we danced and even had another run in with the man from All-Star Weekend (Night #1), our old pal Rick Rozay!


We were straight hustlin’ at this point.  Truth be told, every day we’re hustlin’….but I digress.  The night continued to get hazier and eventually Dwight Howard showed up to do two things:  thank us for coming and kick us all out.


It was only midnight and we were not tired, kind of (very) drunk and hungry.  We grabbed some friends and made our way to the only place that would satisfy us – Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles:


There was a bit of a wait so Kyle ran to the corner and bought us a pint of Jack Daniels’ and a couple of Diet Cokes, which we consumed while we waited for our table.  The place was packed but we were seated relatively quickly.  I almost had to knock the bouncer out, as he apparently had some sort of problem with me.  The celebrity life is hard – everyone is always trying to get a piece of you and it’s not always in a nice way.  Lucky for him, he mellowed and we enjoyed our tasty meal.

We returned downtown to the Cosby Sweaters loft and retired for the night, satisfied with the damage we had done.  Cosby Sweaters All-Star Weekend continues tonight and culminates tomorrow – stay tuned.