Every Tuesday I will be posting a segment called, “The Best Stuff On The Internet.” Some of the content will be new, some of it will be old, all of it will be awesome. This week I am featuring online marketplace Etsy. Etsy is an online storefront that connects people who make things with people who buy things. It’s like eBay meets farmer’s market meets swap meet meets Santa’s workshop. Will no one buy the crappy sweaters you knit? No worries. Join Etsy and try to pawn it off on someone that doesn’t have any fashion sense. There are users selling artwork, glassware, jewelry, toys, you name it. 99% of the products bore me so I set out to find the 1% that I would buy. In no particular order I present you with some of Etsy’s best.

Childbirth Education Doll (BUY)

Childbirth Education Doll

Mittens Print (BUY)

Bear with Mittens

Batman Puking his Friggin Guts Out fine art print (BUY)

Batman Puking Guts Out

Mature Humping Vintage Squirrels (BUY)

Humping Squirrels

Penis Pendant Cupid (BUY)

Penis Pendant Cupid

Holiday Butt Covers for your dog and cat (BUY)

Holiday Butt Covers for your dog or cat

Vulva Portrait Piece (BUY)

Vulva Portrait Piece

Inflatable Boob Latex Catsuit with corset and face mask (BUY)

Inflatable Boobs Latex Catsuit