For the second time in a month teammates from Manchester City went beyond the bounds of their sport in expressing how they feel about one another as Kolo Toure and Emmanual Adebayor had at one another during practice yesterday.  Due to a public path along one side of the training ground the dust up was captured on film:


The fight apparently was no surprise to Toure:

In any case, with Adebayor it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last. At Arsenal we often had a similar set-to. We know each other well, maybe too well. In any case that proves we have energy to burn; it’s not that negative.

Fighting has become a common site for those watching Man City practices as it was just a month ago that Mario Balotelli and Jerome Boateng let fly at one another:


It may be reading too much into it to say Roberto Mancini has a discipline problem with the club but given the high expectations and Manchester United having pulled a full three points ahead it’s a safe bet the stress level won’t be going down any time soon and this may not be the last fight we see before all is said and done.