Shawn Carter has sold over 50M records, won ten grammy’s and accumulated a net worth of over $450M. Today he celebrate’s his 41st birthday, making him the oldest rapper to actually remain completely relevant in the hip hop space. 30’s the new 20 and 40’s the new 30, so Hova’s got a lot of fuel left in that old ass, Beyoncé lovin’ engine.


More background on Jay-Z from his song “December 4th” from The Black Album:

They say “they never really miss you til you dead or you gone”/
So on that note i’m leaving after the song/
So you ain’t gotta feel no way about Jay so long/
At least let me tell you why i’m this way, Hold on/
I was conceived by Gloria Carter and Adaness Revees/
Who made love under the Siccamore tree/
Which makes me/
A more sicker M.C. and my momma would claim/
At 10 pounds when i was born i didn’t give her no pain/
Although through the years i gave her her fair share/
I gave her her first real scare/
I made up for birth when i got here/
She knows my purpose wasn’t perfect/
I ain’t perfect i swear/
But i feel worthless cause my shirts wasn’t matchin my gear/
Now i’m just scratchin the surface cause what’s burried under there/
Was a kid torn apart once his pop disappeared/
I went to school got good grades could behave when i wanted/
But i had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted