Kanye West's MBDTF Album Cover with Shit on Top

Kanye West has done it again; he made another album. Ye’s newest release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, stains 2010 with just the right amount of ego-driven musical talent to create a score of carefully crafted subliminal melodies over brown notes to make even the most starved of poverty-stricken people clog a Port-O-Potty. After listening to the entire album, you too can attempt to understand how Kanye is so confused in this overcomplicated world he makes it out to be. Looking for a total-body detox? Listen to the album three times in a row and appreciate how lucky you are for remembering to wear your CamelBak before succumbing to this audio-inducing enema. This album alone could serve as the basis for enough Big Skeezy Challenges to get us through 2011.

So how did I get out the stain left by this cacophonous toxin? I went back in time and watched the NKOTBSB performance from last night’s AMAs again.