For those who loved watching the LA Galaxy’s Landon Donovan against the best competition in the world during his loan spell to Everton last week you may be in luck.   According to the LA Times Donovan will decide in the next month if he will return to Everton:

“My plan is to rest over the next few weeks,” Donovan said, “and get in a mental place where I can make a proper decision. If you asked me today, I would probably say no because my body is exhausted. If you asked me in two months, I’d probably say yeah because I’m excited again.  So once I come down from all this and see how my body feels, then I can figure it out.”

Donovan went on to  say Everton is the only EPL team he is considering and would not comment on if this would be another loan or something more permanent.

Donovan is at the top of his game and, based on his age, likely at the top of his form so there could be no better time to make a move.  Given the success he had at Everton last year where he not only meshed on the field but became a fan favorite to the point that “USA, USA” chants were heard echoing around Goodison Park as he bid farewell at the end of the loan.  This move would be good for Donovan, good for US Soccer, and good for soccer in the US (there is a difference) so hopefully we’ll soon see more of Donovan doing this: