When the nations most expensive arena opens on the University of Oregon campus this January you’ll need something a little stronger than a souvenir soda to gaze into the center of the court from the cheap seats without being transported to a different place and time.  Take the musings of legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield (before designing the court he designed Nike’s Air Jordans, maybe you heard of them), add in a sweet tribute to multi-million dollar donor and former placeholder AD Pat Kilkenny (the name on the court and the icons around it are all homages to Pat from Uncle Phil), and mix it with the well documented willingness to toss aside all things traditional of the Ducks and you will find yourself “deep in the woods.”

Behold, if you dare, the magic and mystery of Matt Court:


If your mind isn’t already blown you can get all the details and hear the design story from Tinker himself courtesy of the bright boys at Wired right here.