We are being serious. At 6-4, 307 pounds, Suh showed Friday, and most recently Sunday, that he hasn’t lost his kicking leg. Lions coach Jim Schwartz held a field goal kicking contest between the offense and defense to end Friday’s last practice of a three-day minicamp. Kicking for the defense was Suh and cornerback Jonathan Wade. Kicking for the offense was center Dominic Raiola and receiver Mike Moore. The kick was a 35-yarder. Wade was first up and missed his attempt to the right, but had plenty of leg. Suh then stepped to the line and with pretty good form drilled one right down the middle with about 10 yards to spare.
“It felt good. It felt like old times. I kicked in high school, and I always joked around and did it in college, but the coaches obviously didn’t let me do it in actual games, which I had begged them to do but it never happened,” Suh said. “For me, it’s just going back to my soccer days, planting the foot and following through and kick it.”

After Jason Hanson got injured on a roughing the kicker penalty, Suh got his turn to kick an extra point against the Jets. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well.