I was just taking a brief walk around my office building, stepping away for a moment to get some fresh air and a new perspective on this %$#@! computer problem that’s been thwarting me for a while now.  As I rounded the corner I saw a parking enforcement car sitting in the middle of the road (why should parking enforcement have to park legally, right?) and the officer was putting yet another ticket on the windshield of a small white sedan with no license plates on it.

Moments later, a tow truck whizzed by and was flagged down by the same officer.  It circled around and pulled up next to the small white car and began to tow it away.  I was able to get this picture near the end of the ordeal:

Was the third ticket really necessary?

Soon after, of course, the parking officer and the tow truck both departed.

My question to you, Cosby Sweater family, is this:  was that last ticket really necessary?  If he was going to have the car towed anyway why bother putting yet another ticket on it?  If this person left an unmarked vehicle sitting there this long do you really think those tickets are going to get paid?  It always makes me laugh when I think about how we pay taxes to fund them and then they give us overpriced tickets which force us to pay them more.   Why on earth did he have to ticket it AGAIN before towing it away?  That’s like slapping a guy in the face four times and then kicking him in the balls just to make sure he understands you’re upset.