Today The Social Network, better known as The Facebook Movie premieres in theatres everywhere. Going into it’s premiere The Social Network is sitting on a 98 Metcritic score. That is staggering. The movie has personally worried me due in large part because of its rating. Nine times out of ten, a PG-13 rated movie dealing with real issues is a miss. But apparently Aaron Sorkin and David Finch know what they’re doing.

That 98 score will most likely drop as more and more reviews come in, but as of this morning the film was still there with 38 reviews in, not to mention a 10/10 regular people score [update: user score has dropped]. That’s impressive. But now the pressure’s on. Cosby Sweaters got curious and started to look at other entertainment properties that have garnered such high acclaim. Can a movie about a website live up to such distinguished company? Let’s look:

The Wire – 98 Metacritic

The Wire is arguably the best thing ever created. Will a movie about a website give us many great quotes as The Wire? Will a movie about a website leave us analyzing amazingly elegant nuances with our friends and co-workers? Can a movie with Justin Timberlake compete with characters like Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell and McNulty? Can The Social Network possibly be ‘Marlo Stanfield-good’?

Dialogue Sample from The Wire:

Colvin: You hustlin’?
The Deacon: Educatin’.
Colvin: Charging for it or tuition-free?
The Deacon: Tuition will come back to him ten-fold in acquired wisdom.
The Deacon: Besides, nothing in the world’s more expensive than “free”.

C’mon…there is no better dialogue than that from The Wire. That shit is scripture. Can a movie about a website deliver that?

Grand Theft Auto IV – 98 Metacritic

Grand Theft Auto IV showed us that we can be in and create our own movies. We mobbed through Liberty City; gettin’ money; hollering at hoes; stickin’ punk ass marks for their vehicles. The most addicting video game experience of all time. Can a movie about a website be as good as being Niko?

Well, we’ll answer these questions this weekend. The Social Network trailer is dope though. That’s a good start: