Tom Brady is one the best humans to ever walk this planet but his hair is terrible. Last week, Brady and the Patriots agreed to a contract extension which will make him the highest paid player in the NFL, deservedly so…but it hasn’t solved the hair issue. Brady will be making an average of $18 million dollars a year with $48.5 million guaranteed. Do you know how many haircuts Brady could get for $48 million dollars in guaranteed money? Cosby Sweaters breaks it down:

– The Supercuts in Foxborough, MA is 5 minutes south on North Street from Foxborough Stadium. Tom could conveniently hit it up before or after practice or even for a quick game day trim as they open up at 9am on Sundays.

– A basic haircut (high & tight) at supercuts runs you $25, let’s assume a $5 discount for Tom since he’s Tom Brady.

– With Tom’s new contract (and we’re only talking about the guaranteed money here), Tom can get 2.4M Supercut haircuts.

– Hopefully Tom will read this and get a goddamn haircut.