The crossover of athletes and musicians is a tale as old as time. In the modern sports world when everyone has a brand, you see it more and more.

Staying true to form, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was rocking a crazy big hat at an Under Armour event and decided to join rapper 2 Chainz on stage to perform “Riverdale Rd.”

You have to admit, Newton doesn’t miss a beat performing with 2 Chainz. They are vibing off of one another pretty well. We already know that 2 Chainz is pretty athletic as he played on a basketball scholarship for Alabama State University. Now we know that Newton can keep up with the best in the rap world.

This isn’t the first time that they collaborated either as they were in an Under Armour commercial together last year.

Maybe their next collaboration is going to be a fashion line involving Alice In Wonderland related hats. Or maybe they could venture out into selling, get this, three chains (z?) at a time.

Either way, the offseason is fully here and Newton is prepping for a bounce back season with the Carolina Panthers. If he performs half as well on the field as he did on stage, Panthers’ fans are going to be very happy.


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