A Colombian lawyer has somehow determined the value of poor referees at the 2014 World Cup: €1 billion. Aurelio Jimenez, a 74-year-old “distressed” soccer fan is suing FIFA that amount for controversial calls in this year’s tournament.

It appears Jimenez is specifically targeting Carlos Velasco Carballo (above), the referee from Colombia’s quarterfinal match versus Brazil, a physical match that ultimately saw Brazil prevail. The feisty and ambitious Jimenez gave the following statement (via BBC):

I decided to sue FIFA in the Colombian judiciary system because in the past world soccer championship in Brazil, there were many wrongdoings related to referees who damaged many countries and their selections, among them the Colombia team.

He continued be explaining how the national team’s loss affected his well-being:

I felt very bad. I was heartbroken. My cardiac rhythm was altered and my relatives took me to the emergency at the hospital. I was surrounded by my grandchildren, who were crying a lot.

Jimenez’s case against Carballo and FIFA appears to have astronomically tiny odds for success therefore he is likely wasting a lot of time and potentially a lot of money on a claim that cannot be proven true.

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