Seahawks Fan Competes In Cross Country Skiing Race Dressed As Marshawn Lynch

Tony Wiederkehr, of Arlington (Wash.), is a former Steelers fan-turned-Seahawks fan. He also happens to be an avid cross country skier, having taken up the sport ten years ago at the urging of his father, who wanted him to participate in the Engadin Ski Marathon in Switzerland. In the decade since, Wiederkehr has kept the tradition alive, trudging halfway around the world for the 42-kilometer race, which featured a whopping 13,000 participants this year.

In honor of the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory, Wiederkehr decided to add a twist to his race day garb, choosing to dress in a full Marshawn Lyn uniform — complete with girdle and fake dreadlocks — and carry a football the entire distance. He also passed out 100 mini Seahawks helmets along the course. Unfortunately, “Beast Mode” he was not, as he finished in 4,873rd place. Still, the outfit was such a success the Wiederkehr plans on wearing it again for an upcoming race in Wisconsin.