This Conversation Between A Man Falling Through The Ceiling And Golf Shop Clerk Is Fantastic

Ron decides to drop by the golf store by falling through the ceiling. Billy welcomes him with the most nonchalant conversation ever.


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  1. […] brief, 59-second clip was spotted by Mentality Magazine (h/t Paul Sacca of NextImpulseSports.com) and shows a man exploding through the ceiling of a golf shop and falling to the […]

  2. […] ever had after someone falls through a ceiling. In security camera footage, a man named Ron comes crashing into the shop from above, along with a considerable amount of debris. Someone else in the shop named Billy greets […]

  3. […] Some dude fell through the ceiling of a golf pro club, and nobody so much as flinched. NOTHING fazes these guys. Retirement must be swell. […]