LeBron James Remember back in 2003 when a still-in-high school LeBron James sent the media into a collective tizzy when it was discovered that he had “acquired” a Hummer H2? That was fun times. Anyway, good news, folks who like hot cars from a decade ago, you can now own that Hummer for the low, low Buy It Now price of $64,800. LeBron still owned the Hummer as recently as 2011, but the auction title clearly states that it was “formerly” owned by the Miami Heat star, so apparently it’s changed hands at least once. But one of those hands was LeBron’s, so who cares, right?

This one of a kind Hummer was previously owned by LeBron James.  It is the infamous Hummer that created a controversy while he was still in high school.

This H2 had a complete customization done by the famous Will Castro of Unique Autosports. It was featured on the 3rd season premier of Unique Whips on the Speed Channel.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of sports history.

Act fast though, because the sale ends January 2nd.