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This Is Probably The Best Father-Son Moment You’ll See Shared This NFL Season

A longtime Bengals fan was given an incredible surprise by his Giants fan son this weekend when he was presented with a Bengals hat, Andy Dalton signed jersey, and two tickets to the upcoming Bengals-Jets game at Paul Brown Stadium.

It was a pretty great gesture by the son, and one that his father clearly appreciated a lot. The dad, who has never been to a Bengals game before, becomes very emotional when he receives the tickets and it makes for a really touching moment between father and son.

Props to this kid for taking care of his pops like that. Always great to see.

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  1. […] Consider last season’s touching moment of this father receiving Bengals tickets from his son as a … The father is brought to tears over the gesture and in the video it is revealed it is partly because he had never been to a Bengals game before. But yet – attendance is the measure of real fans so this guy must not have been a real fan until last season when we went to his first game, right? This is just one of the major problems I have with attendance smack. […]