Ronda Rousey’s move to the WWE was one of the most interesting sport-to-sport transitions in recent memory when the longtime UFC champion joined the wrestling world. According to her husband, UFC fighter Travis Browne, Rousey is enjoying the change.

TMZ cameras caught up with Browne, who said Rousey, “the baddest woman on the planet,” is in love with WWE move and has “truly enjoyed the ride,” thus far.

It comes as no surprise Rousey is enjoying the WWE. As a UFC fighter, she had tremendous pressure thwarted upon her to remain the champ. Once she lost to Holly Holm in UFC 193 and Amanda Nunes at UFC 207, it appeared clear she wasn’t enjoying the sport. With the WWE, she can play up her persona and stage some great, safe fights. It’s the perfect fit for Rousey.

With her SummerSlam victory over Alexa Bliss, Rousey is arguably the top fighter in the entire WWE roster. It might not be the spot we would predict she would be a few years ago, but she’s dominating, and very happy according to Browne. At the end of the day, seeing her enjoy her new digs is what matters.

Keep fighting, Rousey.


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