Ric Flair Wrestler Ric Flair on the sidelines before the NFC Championship game as the Chicago Bears host the New Orleans Saints Jan. 21, 2007 at Soldier Field, Chicago. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

WWE legend Ric Flair’s wild lifestyle has been well documented over the years, as he has always boasted about his “stylin and profilin” lifestyle. But on Tuesday, video emerged of Flair going a bit too hard at a restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, which led to a wild interaction with both the bar manager and another man.

Flair was captured on video sitting at the bar of the restaurant clearly inebriated, arguing with the bar staff after seemingly getting into a war of words with an employee earlier that was not captured about being cut off from ordering more drinks.

“The Nature Boy” then even asked one of the employees to “go outside”, which is obviously a code word to a potential fight.

At this point, one of the people sitting at the bar next to Flair had seen enough, seemingly upset with how Flair was treating the staff behind the bar. He then told Flair that he would like to go outside to “sort this thing out”.

“You want to go outside and talk with me in the parking lot? Because I don’t work here, I don’t give a s***.”

The whole interaction in its entirety was posted on social media by the Twitter/X account Wrestle Ops, which clearly shows that Flair was out of control in this instance.

Luckily, things didn’t go much further and result in any physical violence. But regardless, it is a bit jarring to see Flair, a 75-year-old man, threatening to use violence against a staff member at this restaurant.

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