This week, WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, real name Leati Joseph Anoa’i, revealed the return of his previously in remission leukemia. The 33-year-old announced an immediate hiatus from the sport after the shocking news.

Fellow wrestler Nikki Bella discussed the announcement with CBS Sports, calling Reigns “living-day Superman.”

“You know, I get, like, the deepest chills when you bring that up. I think everyone is still in a lot of shock, but it’s extremely sad, it’s extremely unexpected. You don’t think you’ll hear those words from your living-day Superman,” she said.

Obviously, the wrestling world is impacted by the news. Reigns, who previously dealt with leukemia in his early 20’s, has the full support of the WWE. Bella said if anyone could fight the disease, it’s Reigns.

“But if anyone can fight through this, it’s Joe. Joe is just so beyond brave to go out there, and to speak the way he did, I just … to me, he is so inspiring and so motivating to never give up. I’m just going to keep him so much in my prayers and thoughts, as all of us should, because we all want our ‘Big Dog’ back. The show is definitely going to feel so different without him,” she said.

Reigns is an inspiration, and he’ll undoubtedly motivate people both inside and outside the wrestling community never to stop fighting. Hopefully, he can beat the disease and come back to the wrestling ring sooner than later. The WWE isn’t the same without him.


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