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The WWE is set to put on their biggest show of the year this weekend when the annual WrestleMania kicks off on Saturday night in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And naturally, they are seemingly bringing out the big guns to make this show as enjoyable as they can for fans in attendance.

It has been very common over the years for the WWE to bring in celebrities at WrestleMania to help bring in the average viewer who may not naturally be a diehard fan. From Mike Tyson to Donald Trump, all kinds of different celebrities have had iconic WrestleMania moments in the past.

Former Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Kelce could be next up on that list. According to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com, the WWE has reached out to Kelce about a potential WrestleMania appearance.

On paper, it feels like a pretty natural fit for Kelce to potentially step into a WWE ring. Not only does the man look like he could be a WWE superstar. But this year’s WrestleMania will also be taking place at Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

There is perhaps no more fitting figure in all of Philadelphia sports than Kelce to appear given the circumstances. And while his appearance is no guarantee, fans are seemingly very eager about the possibility of seeing Kelce at the “grandest stage of them all”.

It is still unclear at this point what kind of role Kelce would even have if he does indeed appear at WrestleMania. But it sure seems like the prospect of him appearing is a popular one amongst wrestling fans.

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