Hulk Hogan Hulk Hogan

WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Hulk Hogan created headlines throughout the world this week when he declared his “total” surrender to Jesus Christ.

Hogan posted photographs to X, formerly known as Twitter, showing himself and his family getting baptized in an undisclosed church.

“Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life. No worries, no hate, no judgment… only love!” Hogan wrote on X.

Hogan went on to say that this was part of his journey with Christianity that began at 14 years old.

“I accepted Christ as my savior at 14yrs old, and the training, prayers and vitamins kept me in the game but now that I am one with God,the main event theme of surrender,service and love makes me the Real Main Event that can slam any giant of any size through the power of my Lord and Savior and so it is,even now brother,AMEN!” Hogan posted.

In 2021, Hogan revealed his longtime faith in Christianity.

“Once you’re a Christian, you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. You’re not gonna perish but you’re gonna have everlasting life. That belief is pretty much the only thing that is real to me,” he said.

Hogan last wrestled as part of a six-man tag team win on TNA/IMPACT’s Maximum IMPACT in England in 2012.