Byron Buxton has been on the radar of baseball fans for a few years and now that the Twins top prospect has been called up, his lovely fiancée also will be on the radar of just about everyone. Byron Buxton has been ranked at, or near, the top of prospect rankings since he was drafted No. 2 overall in 2012. After three-plus successful seasons in the minor leagues, Buxton made his big league debut against the Rangers on Sunday.

His MLB debut started out rough with two ugly strikeout and a botched sacrifice bunt attempt and while Twins fans were extremely focused on a potential future star, their attention briefly drifted to the stands. FSN North’s coverage included a chat in the with his fiancée Lindsey Tillery, who sat with their 18-month old son, Brix. She only received a couple moments of camera time but it was plenty to loft her name across the internet.

Here’s why: