You have to give it to Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers for being a great sport, and agreeing to get tased by the same Coyotes fan who laid into him infamously at a recent City Council meeting. The tasing incident happened this weekend, and there was video of the entire charitable ‘event.’

According to 12 News:

Weiers said he would allow himself to be Tased if he was able to raise $10,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona, a group that raises money for first responders.

The donor was anonymous, however a crowdfunding effort to raise the money had been in the works by various Arizona Coyotes fans. Many fans have been at odds with Weiers and other council members since they voted Wednesday to end their 15-year agreement to host the team in Glendale…

Wyatt said many donors chipped in at the last minute to reach the $10,000 goal, but it was one donor at the end who dontated “several thousand” dollars.

Ronda Pearson, who had her rant against the Mayor go viral earlier in the week was the lucky fan to pull the trigger on the taser, and you could tell she enjoyed it. You can enjoy her full rant below:

[H/T S.I.]