wwwThis past week was an interesting one for the folks who surf Iluwatu. If you are not familiar with the incredible break, please take some time to stream the live cam which you can find right HERE.  The place is as good as it gets.  However, the break was as desloate as you will ever see it this week courtesy of a random killer whale showing up uninvited. Photographer John Barton was lucky enough to get the scary and surreal moment on camera and he spoke about the incident.

According to StabMag:

“It was too close for comfort I reckon,” said John. “People say they’re not very dangerous but I wouldn’t have liked to have been in the water as close as those guys were. They freaked out and went straight in over the reef. I didn’t see them come up because they disappeared beneath the cliff line and considering the size of the swell, it’s definitely not where you want to be coming in.”

Even if the lineup was empty and I had a chance for perfect 6 foot surf to myself, I would get out of there immediately.