Jay Mohr, for some reason or another, took some time to pen a somewhat long-form piece on how he isn’t in a tiff with Jim Rome. Apparently his following, and some of the meaner kids on Twitter, had been asking what was the beef between Jay and Jim and it was time to put that to rest? Below are a few choice excerpts from the piece, or you can read the whole piece over at Jay’s blog HERE

Whenever I am having a question and answer session on twitter, one of the most frequently asked question is always, “Are you and Rome still boys?” Was there a fall out between you and Rome?” “Why don’t you get Jim Rome on your podcast” and inevitable, “Is it uncomfortable between you and Jim now?”

I have never responded to these questions because, being twitter and @jimrome being listed in the tweet itself, I didn’t feel it was proper to speak on our relationship publicly where (it is the internet mind you) someone could leave a comment like “Fuck that guy!” or “You fucking suck! Jim rules!” “Clones!” “Mohrriors!”

The internet is a foul place filled with negative energy and nothing makes any one in cyberspace more happy then when they can hear some good shit talk. In regards to Jim Rome and myself, there simply is none.

“Is there beef between you and Jim?” I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the guy but I can see how it can be perceived that way. When Jim went to CBS Radio and left Clear Channel, Clear Channel had me fill in the last week of Jim’s contract. It was a little awkward but someone had to do it so why not let the new guy get comfortable in the chair. Things that I know people perceive as me taking shots at Jim: When I first started my show on January 2nd 2013, I told the listeners that the days of “Less of you and more of me” were dead. The quote was something I’m would say to listeners whenever they would get out of line and he would go full days (or two) with out taking a single phone call)… That was his business and it was all cool with me but now I had MY show and I needed to express to the listeners that I NEEDED THEM. I couldn’t possibly launch a show by not taking calls or emails. I was brand new. I was learning on the fly. Whenever you take a call you can engage in a conversation after that call and it was something I needed. Jim, at his level of broadcasting didn’t ever need callers. Ever. I did. I am stating here for the absolute record that me saying that the “Less of you, more of me” days were over was not a shot at Jim. It was me basically asking for help without having to say the words, “I need your help, please call and be involved in my show”.

I am writing this blog because I wasn’t sure how to put to bed and to rest the questions (all very fair questions) you guys have had for me regarding Jim.

Okie dokie, Jay.