Dunks over a shoe

Zhao Tailong of Fujian SBS was crowned the champion of the CBA dunk contest this past week, and the highlights are riveting.  I complained a great deal after attending this year’s NBA dunk contest that there was a little too much pomp and circumstance, and not enough “pure” dunking.  I was wrong and I wholeheartedly admit it, but only after I saw the clips of the CBA dunk contest.  3 Quick things come to mind after viewing the clip:

1) The Karate sequence 20 seconds in makes Danny McBride in “Foot Fist Way” look like Bruce Lee.

2) The guy at 44 seconds in dunks not only 3 balls, like in this years NBA dunk contest, but he dunks 2 whole balls.

3) A shoe?  A shoe?  Who honestly jumps over a shoe?  Was there not a even a bike available?

Words can’t describe accurately the brilliance of the below clip.  Enjoy.