Tiger Woods has worn Nike pants and sank championship putts for longer than most of us can even remember. Since his emergence in 1996, he’s repped the signature swoosh and amassed 15 Major Championship wins. The Greek Goddess of Victory and el Tigre was one of the strongest relationships in sports, one that truly seemed eternal.

Of course, that was not the case.

In 2017, Tiger proved his partnership with Nike was not forever. Notably, he switched to TaylorMade clubs, making it clearer than ever that only one thing matters to him: winning.

Like any great competitor, Tiger will do anything for an edge, even if that means leaving millions of dollars on the table.

Enter Birddogs – the best pair of golf pants that nobody knows about. Birddogs are stretchy khaki pants with built-in boxer briefs. With the briefs sewn in, the underwear and pants work in tandem. After each swing, everything stays perfectly in place.

Birddogs have already become the go-to pants of the common golfer, and with the Masters right around the corner, don’t be surprised when you see the G.O.A.T. wearing the iconic Green Jacket and a pair of Birddogs pants in near future… they’re the real deal.